GIA Develops, Will Sell Synthetic Diamond Detector


GIA Develops, Will Sell Synthetic Diamond Detector

The instrument, called DiamondCheck, uses stereoscopy and works in combination with recently developed GIA software that interprets the data. So when a stone is put into the machine, it will tell the user if it is “natural and untreated,” “not diamond,” or “further testing [is] needed to determine treatment or synthesis.”

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Members Test Diamonds for Synthetic and Color Treatments at the Diamond Bourse of Canada

As a Diamond Bourse of Canada member, you are welcome to test stones using the equipment in our gemmological technology facility.  Two great and easy to use instruments for testing for Synthetics and Color Treatments are the DTC Diamond Sure™ and the HRD D-Screen.  

DTC Diamond Sure™

Well-conceived and highly effective synthetic diamond detection instrument, developed by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) in London. The Diamond Sure™ does the initial screening, based on research with hundreds of thousands of samples, and can distinguish between natural diamonds and synthetic ones or simulates.  The device is easy to use, and gives sharp results:

  • A diamond will either pass the test or be recommended for further examination


DTC Diamond Sure™ (above)

HRD D-Screen

  • A Compact Practical, and Affordable Test for Synthetic and Color Treated Diamonds
  • Operation is really simple: Turn the instrument on and watch it perform its self-check.
  • Then simply place a polished diamond over the sensor, close the cover, and in a few seconds the D-Screen gives its reading.
  • Green means the diamond can definitely be considered natural and not colour enhanced
  • Yellow indicates that the stone should be sent to a gem lab for more elaborate testing
  • Stones can be tested almost as fast as you can place them into the unit
  • To save power the unit shuts itself off automatically after five minutes


The HRD D-Screen (above)


Genesis Rare Diamonds Sells 15-Ct. Asscher Cut for $3M

DBC Member Genesis Rare Diamonds, in the News!

Genesis Rare Diamonds (Ontario) Ltd., sold a 15.10-carat, D, flawless, Asscher cut diamond to a client in Canada for  $3.3 million.asscher cut

Jeff Kushner, the president of Genesis Rare Diamonds, said, “The buyer of the diamond, an existing client of Genesis, stated to us several years ago that she was seeking an Asscher cut, D color, internally flawless diamond of approximately 10 carats and that she has been searching for such a diamond for almost 20 years, but to her dismay she was unable to source one.”

Kushner explained that they attempted to source the diamond, but it was not until several weeks ago that they were finally contacted by one source with a perfect match. Negotiating the transaction was “a tedious and complicated affair,” Kushner said, however, “both seller and buyer acting reasonably agreed upon a price acceptable to both parties and the transaction was concluded on October 22, 2013.”

The diamond’s Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grading report disclosed “excellent” cut with “excellent” symmetry and no florescence and classified the stone as type IIa, according to Genesis.

“The aesthetic beauty of this extremely rare and valuable diamond is a testament to the individual who painstakingly cut and polished this ‘miracle of nature,’” said Kushner.


ImageDDC President Reuven Kaufman has extended an invitation to all Diamond Bourse of Canada members for Israel week at the Diamond Dealers Club (DDC) during the week of November 11-14, 2013.

Diamond Dealers Club (DDC) President Reuven Kaufman announced that for the second edition of Israel Diamond Week (IDW), his Bourse will host more than 100 Israel diamond companies from the Israel Diamond Exchange.

DBC members must register with the Diamond Bourse of Canada to attend please call: 416-663-3262 or by email:

For more information about the Diamond Dealers Club:

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AWDC, Bain & Co. Annual Report Analyzes Diamond Value Chain

The Global Diamond Report 2013, Journey through the Value Chain

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