Canada is currently the world’s third largest diamond miner (by value). Yet, in spite of the vast quantities of diamonds that are extracted from its earth, Canada’s secondary diamond-market remains woefully underdeveloped.  Within the global diamond industry, diamond bourses and exchanges have traditionally been the focal points around which diamond-trading activities coalesced.


Until 2009 though, Canada remained the only global diamond producer that did not possess an operational diamond bourse.  The Diamond Bourse of Canada (DBC) was established that year, through a collaborative effort between a group of Canadian diamond industry stakeholders and the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mining and the Government of the Northwest Territories.

The DBC has united the diamond industry and provided a diamond bourse in Canada which has a legal, ethical framework to enact regulations for members and protect consumer confidence.

The function of the DBC is as diverse as the members who belong to it. Ethics, good business practice and morality are paramount and these are protected vigorously by the Constitution of the DBC which provides for Disciplinary procedures against any bourse member who transgresses the DBC code of conduct.

The DBC membership to the World Federation of Diamond bourses has opened the Canadian Diamond trade to many new possibilities for growth and relationships. In addition to cooperation with other bourses and diamond clubs internationally.

Diamond Trading Platform

The DBC provides a diamond trading platform for local traders only. It’s an ideal market for buyers and sellers to trade diamonds within Canada, providing excellent opportunities for both to get to know each other and build long-term relationships.


Economic activities associated with diamond bourses have traditionally depended on the existence and availability of a physical facility. In recent years though, shifts in the global trading landscape have clearly demonstrated that sustainable competitive economic success calls for an effective adoption of technology and innovation. Consequently, in addition to physical facility, the Bourse is dedicated to the development of a online trading platform, that is not bound or dependent on a particular facility or location, which serves to secure its competitive value-proposition in the dynamic markets of tomorrow.

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