All Benefits

Benefits derived from Bourse membership represent advantages that the member company can accrue from its association with the Diamond Bourse of Canada and no business should underestimate their importance to their future operations.

Whether the benefits of membership are direct or indirect in nature, the fact remains that membership in the Diamond Bourse can translate fairly quickly into real commercial advantages.

Bourse members enjoy exceptional privileges:

  • Events: Network with peers and experts, build your brand
  • Services: Make use of the best in facilities and business resources
  • Communication: Receive news and insights on business in Canada and Internationally
  • Profile: Take advantage of advertising and sponsorship opportunities
  • Savings: Reduce your costs with discounts at Malca Amit, IGI, Gem Scan, etc.
  • Voice:  Each member gets a vote, giving members direct input on policies
  • Profile: Put your business on the map with a listing on the Members page at
  • Exposure: Members are exposed to an ever expanding network that includes Canada’s largest diamond dealers and retailers
  • Security: Direct access to a growing network of pre-vetted and well established diamond dealers of good standing. Members can conduct business with one another with a greater degree of security and peace-of-mind.
  • Competitiveness: Obtain high quality goods at competitive prices. Members have access to large and ever increasing inventories of goods—ensuring that when a customer or a call comes in, the member can fulfil the requests.
  • Opportunity: Bourse members benefit from unique opportunities to build and forge new business relationships across Canada, and within the international arena.
  • PrestigeCredibility and prestige go a long way in this business. Bourse membership is a well-accepted international benchmark of the level of maturity and respectability that a business has attained.
  • Future: The Bourse represents a large and vital segment of the Canadian diamond industry, and as such it lobbies a various industry stakeholders to secure the future and the long-term viability and success of the local diamond industry.

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