Retailer Benefits

The Bourse sees diamond retailers, as vital participants in the activities of the Bourse. Consequently, the Bourse has decided to place special emphasis on adding a select group of high-quality retail members to its ranks. We believe that as those retailers become Bourse members, they should experience a swift return on their initial investment.

The following list highlights the Bourse’s value-proposition for retailers:

Bourse membership helps retailers obtain the inventories they need, when needed and at the best possible price.  We provide diamond search and diamond tender services to match buyers and sellers and generate sales.

Bourse membership provides retailers with direct access to a secure trading and business location, and a variety of facilities and services that have been designed specifically to facilitate and support the trading of diamonds.

Bourse membership expands the depth and scope of our retailer’s current commercial network, and enables them to capitalise on new business opportunities.  

Bourse membership allows the retailer to make full use of the Bonded Warehouse facility located at the Bourse. For more information about the Bonded Warehouse facility click here:

Our retailers have full access to the Toronto down town office, where you can meet clients, conduct business, or just wind-down after a business meeting or a long day at the office.  The office contains all the tools you need at your disposal including wireless internet access, scales, tweezers, loupes, etc.

Bourse membership bestows a aura of respectability upon our member’s firms, and lends credibility to its diamond and gemstone operations, while helping it stand out.

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