GIA Lab Drop Off Service


This service is available to Bourse members only and is designed to dramatically reduce the shipping costs that are associated with sending out stones for GIA certificates.

Members who wish to utilise this service should bring the goods they intend to ship to GIA, directly to the Bourse facility.  A Diamond Bourse representative will log the stones into the shipping system; all stones will then be sent directly to GIA in Carlsbad in a single amalgamated shipment.  When GIA finishes processing the stones, Malca-Amit will return the stones back to Toronto.  Bourse members who have offices in downtown Toronto, could arrange to have their stones returned directly to them at no additional cost.  All other stones will be returned to the Bourse facility, and you will be called to pick-up your goods.


Round Trip Base Cost LAX:                    $550 USD
Temporary Import Bond (TIB) Cost:       $140 CAD

Administration Fee                               $25 CAD/member

Value Based Liability:                 $1.40 USD per $1,000 USD of Value

To fully understand the price structure, let us examine the following scenario:

10 dealers come to the Bourse to drop off stones for GIA in Carlsbad.  Dealer X has bought in 12 stones with a total value of $120,000.  The Shopping charges that Dealer X will incur for the round trip shipping of the stones to GIA will be based on the Fixed Costs divided by the number of dealers shipping that day, or $55 USD +$14 CAD, combined with the variable cost that is determined by the specific value of the particular member’s parcel, which in this vase would be $168 USD (1.4 * 120).  The total shipping costs in the dealer’s case would work out to be around $237 CAD (depending on the USD to CAD exchange rate on that day).

This GIA pickup service is based on the initial pilot program.  If there is a consistent demand for this service, then the Bourse will offer it on a regular and ongoing basis (e.g. weekly, bi weekly, monthly).

Required Documents Check-list:

  1. Your GIA account number (if you have one) or GIA Lab Client Agreement (If you do not have a GIA account number).
  2. The Malca-Amit GIA Bourse Drop-Off Form (GSI Form)
  3. Shipping Memo on company letterhead outlining:
    1. Detailed breakdown of the stones including the description, weight in carats, total carats, amount in US$ and total amount in US$
    2. Stating “Goods shipped to the GIA for certification under account ##### and subsequent return to Canada


We sincerely hope that many of you find this service to be of use to you, and that it will be able to provide you with immediate and quantifiable benefits.

We look forward to introducing many more member oriented services in the near future.

Please contact the Bourse if you have any additional questions or comments.



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