Gemmological Technology Centre

The DBC gemmological technology facility includes:

SARINE Dia Scan S+
Label Printing Rough & Polished Diamond Analyzer
Easily demonstrates diamond cut grading, used to quickly estimate the cut quality of the diamonds you are buying or selling.  Uses the leading gem labs’ latest diamond cut grading standards, labs include: GIA, AGL, AGS, HRD, IGI.  Members can print the results in either a brifka size label (small) or the full page (11×8.5 ” large).

DiaScan™ S+

Well-conceived and highly effective synthetic diamond detection instrument developed by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC). The Diamond Sure™ can distinguish between natural diamonds and synthetic ones or simulates. The device is easy to use, and gives sharp results: a diamond will either pass the test or be recommended for further examination. Not all stones though that are flagged by the DIAMONDSURE are synthetics; rather they display indicators that warrant further examination, such as a possible Type 1ab  or a possibleType II without further laboratory testing. DTC Diamond Sure


Distinguish all kinds of synthetic diamonds, including CVD-manufactured diamonds. It will quickly tell you which diamonds are definitely neither treated nor synthetic, and which diamonds should undergo closer examination by a grading lab. The D-Screen makes it determination based on the optical transmission through the polished stone at deep UV wavelengths. It tests D through J color diamonds measuring from 0.2 to 10 carats.HRD D-Screen

SARINE COLIBRI Colour & Florescence Analyser
User-friendly color grading product for polished diamonds. Its new technology uses hi-tech LEDs and software algorithms to not only calculate the color of the diamond, but to measure its fluorescence regardless of the diamond’s size and shape. Colibri can measure mounted stones
Sarin Colibri Colorimeter

ZEISS HRD Hybrid STEMI DV4 head/D-Scope base Microscope
A high-quality stereo zoom microscope with gem manipulator and vacuum system. It is equipped with a sophisticated illumination system that consists of unique halogen darkfield lighting and LED-top lights for quick examination possibilities. 

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