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Presidents’ Meeting Istanbul Turkey draws to a close


Below is the link to the Press Release from the WFDB, summarizing the Presidents’ Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, attended by DBC President, David Gavin.

Presidents’ Meeting Istanbul Turkey draws to a close

The conference started on Sunday June 16 and David Gavin met with Chairman Ernie Blom and Ronnie Unterman, Secretary – General of WFDB in Antwerp. They got straight down to business and it was agreed upon that the Diamond Bourse of Canada would submit a formal application to become members of the World Federation.

The Diamond Bourse of Canada has formally submitted the application for membership of the WFDB and we look forward to becoming part of the world’s leading diamond organisation at the next AGM to be held in Antwerp June 2014.

Please note the value and importance of being exposed to the issues facing the other 29 Diamond Bourses around the world as their challenges are ultimately ours and have the same ramifications within our industry; this is the necessity to be part of a bigger body in order to equip ourselves and our members with the tools to navigate the challenges our industry continues to encounter.

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