Facility Based Trading

The Bourse runs monthly trading events. These trading events are attended by many diamond dealers, who use the opportunity to network, converse, and (obviously) trade goods. In addition to the regular trading activity at the Bourse, the Bourse also hosts special sale events. In such events a certain company or member, bring in a large quantity of goods and offer them for sale, either using the tender method, or by conducting direct sales.

These special events tend to draw a large number of members and guests, which in turn, helps to establish new contacts, offering the attendants new opportunities for dealer-to-dealer and dealer-to-retailer exchanges.

It is important to keep in mind though, that in the end of the day, the ability to trade in any commodity, diamonds and gemstones included, would depend primarily on the availability of one essential factor—Information. The efficiency with which trade-related information is disseminated would be instrumental to the efficiency of the overall market. We at the Bourse firmly believe that technological changes must be embraced and leveraged not only to assist our members in administering their day-to-day business operations, but increasingly in the service of generating new trading opportunities, and in the creation of commercial advantages.

Consequently, the Bourse has dedicated substantial resources to the formation of a new online listing and trading system for Diamonds —a sophisticated online trading system, that enables our Bourse members to acquire a new commercial edge—at a period in time that is dominated by increased competition, and ever diminishing margins.

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