Membership Types

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Membership in the Diamond Bourse of Canada is open to select diamond dealers and retailers — specifically reputable wholesale and retail businesses who are known to engage in regular diamond and gemstone related commercial activities, within Canada.

In addition to diamond dealers and retailers, membership in the Diamond Bourse of Canada is open to certain diamond-industry service providers, diamond miners, and to government entities. These entities do not typically engage in direct trading activity within the Bourse.

For more information about Membership fees and to receive a copy of the application form, please give us a call at 416-663-3262 or email 

Diamond Dealer Membership
Diamond Dealers form the backbone of the Bourse’s core purpose: to serve as a commodity exchange for diamond goods. Individual members are full voting members of the Bourse that do not qualify as a founding member or Building member of the Corporation.  For at least 2 years prior to admission an Individual member must have an ownership interest in, or be employed by, a Canadian business, government agency or other entity that is involved in the diamond, precious stones or jewellery industry.  The board of directors of the Corporation, in their sole and absolute discretion, may decrease the aforementioned required 2 year time period to any lesser amount of time that they see fit for any Individual member applicant on a case by case basis.  A diamond dealer would be classified as a wholesaler whose core commercial activities involves the B2B sales of gemstones and/or diamonds.

Additional Allied Membership
Additional members of a Corporation who are employed by or associated with the same corporation as a Founding/Building/Individual member.

Diamond Retailer Membership
Diamond Retailers are essentially the final link in the diamond pipeline. A diamond retailer is classified as a business in which the primary commercial activity involves the B2C sale of diamonds and/or diamond intensive jewellery. Vetted retailers who become members of the DBC can use all Bourse facilities, systems, and services, and are voting members of the Bourse. They are restricted though from executing direct B2B diamond wholesaling through the Bourse.

Service/Associate Membership
Service/Associate members are non-voting members of the Corporation who provide industry stakeholders with important services. Diamond stakeholders who are directly involved in the diamond industry but do not take part in diamond trading or sale activities.  Service providers are business members of the diamond Bourse who provide industry stakeholders with important support services. Bourse membership for diamond industry service providers is by invitation only.  Associate members of the Bourse would typically utilise their membership status, to maintain an open line of communication with other diamond industry stakeholders, and to share and disseminate information throughout the diamond pipeline.

International Membership
International members do not resident in Canada but wish to have a place to conduct business in Toronto, Canada.

Student Membership
Student members must be currently enrolled or a recent graduate from a gemological, jewellery or related program from an accredited institution within the past 12 months.  Students are non-voting members and require industry references to support their application.

Lifetime Membership
Lifetime members are voting members of the Corporation who have made a significant financial donation in 2012, this class of membership was introduced for a limited time.

Corporate Building Membership
Corporate members benefit from unfiltered access to industry intelligence at our disposal via our network of industry stakeholders.

To receive a copy of the application form, please give us a call at 416-663-3262 or email

27 Queen Street East, Suite 701, Toronto, ON, M5C 2M6, Canada
Telephone: +1 (416) 663-3262

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