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Dear Bourse Member,

As a Diamond Bourse of Canada member we now bring you the benefit of services from Flight Centre Business Travel, which provide great value on flights, hotels and car services.  Please find the relevant forms attached for your use at the bottom of this message. 

The DBC Business Development Manager is Richard Pummell, feel free to call or email him to discuss any questions you may have, his contact information is provided at the end of this email.

Here are the services that are most beneficial to you:  

  • Dedicating a Business Travel Consultant and backup team for your business; this consultant will assist with all travel needs (e.g. air, hotels, car rental, meeting and conference coordination, town car service, etc.)
  • Prompt service, replying within 15 minutes to acknowledge receipt of your travel request and travel options provided to you within 2 business hours.
  • Local, personalized service including 24 hour “on-call” emergency service:  From anywhere in the world this allows us to make changes and issue tickets at any time there should be a last minute, or emergency requirement
  • Personalized traveller profile forms for all travellers: This will allow Flight Centre to fully understand needs, preferences, loyalty programs etc. to turnaround your travel booking experience with less hassle and less time
  • Clear, organized and concise reporting/invoicing:  Our reporting and invoicing can be sent directly to accounting or travellers to manage their expenses efficiently – this involves an invoice with each booking, as well as a monthly summary of all transactions (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly etc.). We can also further breakdown reporting to type of expense (e.g. flight vs. hotel vs. car), supplier specific, traveller specific, etc.
  • Receiving multiple options: (minimum of 3 unless otherwise requested) on all travel requests (e.g. lowest fare, most direct, best value, etc)
  • Access to our Negotiated Rates: We will strive to find all opportunities to reduce costs by using our contracted rates where possible
  • Travel Reviews: Flight Centre Business Travel offers consistent and regular evaluation of Travel Spend to see where savings, corporate rates can be negotiated
  • Flexibility included under a service fee of $35/booking – this is a flat fee regardless of add-ons (hotel, car rental, etc) or destination. We do not charge additional fees for using emergency phone, making changes to tickets, reporting, etc.

Here are the relevant forms for your use:

Traveler Profile Form Fillable (307 KB)

FCBT Credit Card Authorisation (1617 KB)

Richard Pummell
Business Development Manager 

Flight Centre Business Travel – Canada
Direct: 647 220 2037 

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