Mining Meet and Greet


David Gavin DBC President, Charles Fipke and Deputy Minister Peter Vician

David Gavin DBC President, Charles Fipke and Deputy Minister Peter Vician. Photo courtesy of Irina Lytchak of Canadian Jeweller Magazine.

The Diamond Bourse of Canada hosted various prominent members of the Canadian mining industry at its Toronto office for a Mining Meet & Greet on Tuesday March 3, 2015.

During the course of the event, Diamond Bourse of Canada President David Gavin addressed the attendees with the following statement, “Deputy Minister Peter Vician, Assistant Deputy Minister Deborah Archibald, distinguished guests, fellow members of the board, ladies and gentlemen; I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the Diamond Bourse of Canada. The Bourse is a diamond and gemstone trading facility and we are an industry association that provides a variety of unique industry specific services. For example, we have a bonded warehouse facility, a loose diamond trading floor, a Sarine machine, as well as a fully equipped lab with a Diamond Sure machine kindly donated to us by De Beers, safety deposit boxes and clerical services to name a few.”

Mining Meet & Greet

From left to right, Mr. Samuel Chmielash, Director; Mr. Jeffrey Brenner, Treasurer; Mr. David Gavin, President; Mr. Robert Hawkins, Legislative Assembly of the NWT.  Photo courtesy of Irina Lytchak of Canadian Jeweller Magazine

Mr. Gavin went on to say that the Bourse came about with the help of the Canadian diamond industry stakeholders, including the Ontario provincial government as well as the Government of the Northwest Territories.

“We have been in existence for six years now,” adds Mr. Gavin. “ We have a membership of 80+ members, made up of both local and international diamantaires. We are a relatively young Bourse as is our diamond mining counterparts here in Canada but we seem to be making ourselves heard. We recently accepted our induction into the World Federation of Diamond Bourses which has raised our profile and has increased our relevance on the world stage.”

Guests at the Event. Photo courtesy of Irina Lytchak of Canadian Jeweller Magazine.


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Our Library is Growing!

Debra Sawatzky, of Value the Past Ltd.,  dropped by our office and very generously donated an 8 books to the DBC library on behalf of Renee Newman and Debra Sawatzky.  The book list:

Rare Gemstones, 
Exotic Gems vol. 1
Exotic Gems vol. 2
Exotic Gems vol. 3
Jewellery Handbook
Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver & other Jewellery metals
Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Buying Guide
Pearl Buying Guide

Debra donated the Diamond Handbook, by Renee Newman (International Jewelry Publications) when the Bourse opened 5 years ago, also in the library.

Thank you, Debra and Renee, your contribution is very important and deeply appreciated.

DBC Library books


WFDB Accepts the Diamond Bourse of Canada as New Member


WFDB Accepts the Diamond Bourse of Canada as New Member

WFDB Accepts the Diamond Bourse of Canada as New Member

The Diamond Bourse of Canada is pleased to announce our induction into the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) on June 16, 2014. DBC is the 29th Bourse to be inducted and Bourse President, Mr. David Gavin, accepted this distinguished honour on behalf of the Diamond Bourse of Canada from Mr. Ernie Blom, President of the WFDB.

“Being accepted as the 29 member of the WFDB has raised our profile on the world stage and solidifies our positioning allowing us to coordinate strategies on issues of common interest“ David Gavin.

WFDB members approved the applications at the 36th World Diamond Congress in Antwerp which opened on Monday. The Congress is the bi-annual meeting of WFDB and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA).

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RAPAPORT Profile: David Gavin

RAPAPORT Profile: David Gavin

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The Diamond Bourse of Canada began operations in 2010, providing a bourse to the world’s third-largest diamond mining country by value. David Gavin was re-elected to a second term as president of the bourse at the end of May this year.

Name: David Gavin
From: Canada
Company: Diamond Bourse of Canada – President

Rapaport News: What characterizes the Canadian diamond jewelry market? Does it mirror the U.S. market?

DG: It is similar to the U.S. market but on a smaller scale. The recently approved Signet acquisition of the Canadian jewelry chains People’s and Mappin’s, which fall under the Zale banner, is a good thing for the Canadian market because such players tend to bring fresh ideas into the marketplace. In general, there’s a lot of cross-pollination between the U.S. and Canadian markets.

This means that there will be some synergies for the Canadian bourse and the U.S. market because we do have some U.S. members that don’t have offices and locations in Canada. The bourse gives them a place to hang their hat when they come and it gives them some sort of reference point in terms of finding customers.

The same is true for our Canadian members. We are a resource and a reference point for them. We can point them in the right direction depending on their needs. We really are a compass for them in terms of being plugged into certain associations or interest groups where we can see what trends are emerging in the market and help guide our members. 

Our membership with the WFDB will also provide access to all of the diamond bourses around the world. It will expose us to all of their events and things that are happening around the world that we haven’t had access to before. This means that we will receive a whole new source of information that will be of great use to our members.

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David Gavin has been re-elected as the President of the Diamond Bourse of Canada

Toronto, May 20, 2014 — Elections were held at the Diamond Bourse of Canada on May 8, 2014, electing officers to the board of directors for a new 2 year term in office.

As a result, during the first meeting of the incoming DBC Board, the Executive Committee was elected and unchanged with the exception of David Gavin also serving as Treasurer.  David Gavin was re-elected as President-Treasurer.  Allen Shechtman was re-elected Vice President and Jeffrey Brenner was re-elected as Secretary.  Others elected to the board of directors include: Greg Jacobson, Samuel Chmielash, and Sampat Poddar and past president Bhushan Vora.

David Gavin has served on the DBC board since its inception in 2009.  He later assumed the office of Treasurer and served until his appointment to President in 2012 and subsequent re-election this year.

The new board is mainly comprised of members who have served on either the first or second board of directors and have been elected to return.  10 members stood in the elections vying for 7 positions with 1 new member Sam Chmielash winning a spot on the board.


A big thank you to all of the candidates for running and making such impassioned and inspiring declarations to the members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) last week.  It was a pleasure to hear you speak and I hope this experience will encourage you to run again in future elections.

Announcing the newly elected DBC Board of Directors for 2014-2016:

  1. David Gavin, President 
  2. Greg Jacobson
  3. Samuel Chmielash 
  4. Jeffrey Brenner 
  5. Allen Shechtman 
  6. Sampat Poddar 
  7. Bhushan Vora 

Thank you to Razi Mizrahi and Deepak Kumar for scrutinizing and confirming each and every vote.  A big thank you to every member who attended the AGM today and those who took the time to vote.


Presidential Candidate:

David Gavin (The Global Gem Group)

Director Candidates:

Samuel Chmielash (MSD Gem Lab Company)
Bhushan Vora (Gem Star Inc.)
Allen Shechtman (The Martin Ross Group)
Jeffrey Brenner (Jaybee Trading Inc.)
Greg Jacobson (Northam Diamonds)
Sampat Poddar (Byrex Gems Inc.)
Minesh Shah (Diaco Inc.)
Albert Wizman (Wizman Gems International)
Filip Zimerman (Zimmy Diamonds Inc.)

Invitation 36th World Diamond Congress: Antwerp, Belgium, 15 -18 June 2014


Dear Mr. Gavin,

36th World Diamond Congress, Antwerp, 15-18 June 2014

I am delighted to take this opportunity to inform you of the 36th World Diamond Congress, which will take place in Antwerp from Sunday 15 June until Wednesday 18 June 2014.

The Congress will commence with registration and WFDB committee meetings on Sunday 15 June 2014 and is scheduled to end with a press conference Wednesday 18 June around midday.

As previously mentioned, the application for your bourse to become a WFDB affiliated member will be tabled at Congress and I hope to welcome a delegation from your bourse to participate in an observer capacity.

I would like to inform you that there will be an online registration service, which will be available soon.  I would therefore suggest that you consult the following website on a regular basis:  This website will also provide updated information on the Congress.  For any practical information, you can send an email to

I sincerely hope that you will join us in making the 2014 Congress a success and I look forward to welcoming you in Antwerp.

Yours Sincerely,

Ernie Blom

Invitation 36th World Diamond Congress: 15 -18 June 2014 Antwerp

Invitation 36th World Diamond Congress:
15 -18 June 2014 Antwerp

About the WDC and WFDB:

The World Diamond Congress (WDC) and the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) provides diamantaires from around the world a unique opportunity to come together and discuss how we can react to changing conditions in the market.

Since 1947, the WFDB has provided the diamond sector with an ability to act decisively and in unison, despite the great distances between the various manufacturing and trading centres. This ensures that the world federation will remain the industry’s most important representative body for diamonds in years to come.

World Diamond Congress 2014

Interview with David Gavin, President Diamond Bourse of Canada


Rami Baron President of the DIAMOND DEALERS CLUB OF AUSTRALIA and executive member of the WORLD FEDERATION OF DIAMOND BOURSES interviews David Gavin, President Diamond Bourse of Canada.

Flight Centre Business Travel

Image             Image

Dear Bourse Member,

As a Diamond Bourse of Canada member we now bring you the benefit of services from Flight Centre Business Travel, which provide great value on flights, hotels and car services.  Please find the relevant forms attached for your use at the bottom of this message. 

The DBC Business Development Manager is Richard Pummell, feel free to call or email him to discuss any questions you may have, his contact information is provided at the end of this email.

Here are the services that are most beneficial to you:  

  • Dedicating a Business Travel Consultant and backup team for your business; this consultant will assist with all travel needs (e.g. air, hotels, car rental, meeting and conference coordination, town car service, etc.)
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Here are the relevant forms for your use:

Traveler Profile Form Fillable (307 KB)

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Richard Pummell
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Flight Centre Business Travel – Canada
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