De Beers Canada presents the DTC Diamond Sure™ to the Diamond Bourse of Canada


De Beers Canada presents the DTC Diamond Sure™ to the Diamond Bourse of Canada

Upon it’s opening, in January 2010 the Diamond Bourse of Canada was generously presented with the DTC Diamond Sure™ from De Beers Canada. In the photo Bhushan Vora, Founding Chairman Diamond Bourse of Canada and President at Gem Star Inc. receives the DTC Diamond Sure™ from Jim Gowans, currently CEO, Debswana, De Beers .

All Bourse members, are welcome to test stones using the equipment in our gemmological technology facility. Two great and easy to use instruments for testing for Synthetics and Color Treatments are the DTC Diamond Sure™ and the HRD D-Screen.

DTC Diamond Sure™

Well-conceived and highly effective synthetic diamond detection instrument, developed by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) in London. The Diamond Sure™ does the initial screening, based on research with hundreds of thousands of samples, and can distinguish between natural diamonds and synthetic ones or simulates. The device is easy to use, and gives sharp results:

A diamond will either pass the test or be recommended for further examination.

With the current news about synthetics in the market, members are more frequently testing their diamonds at the Bourse with the DTC DIAMONDSURE™. While testing, we discovered a Type Iab diamond.

We now understand that the DTC DIAMONDSURE™ can indicate the possible type of diamond it is testing.

Another 50 stones were tested and discovered two (2) Type II diamonds that were a D colour.

Not all stones though that are flagged by the DIAMONDSURE are synthetics; rather they display indicators that warrant further examination, such as a possible Type Iab or a possible Type II without further laboratory testing.

Around 98% of colourless and near-colourless diamonds will ‘PASS’ and require no further examination.

All synthetics, simulants and around 2% of natural diamonds (type II and IaB) will be indicated and register as ‘REFER FOR FURTHER TESTS’.