Services, Machinery and Tools

American Society of Appraisers
The American Society of Appraisers is an organization of appraisal professionals and others interested in the appraisal profession. International in structure, it is self-supporting and independent.

BrillianceScope® Analyzer
Scientific, Independent and Objective. Millions of diamonds measured, imaging spectophotometer developed to measure diamonds,technology used in medicine, astronomy and anywhere light and color needs to be precisely measured, each and every diamond measured for Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle.

Located in the heart of the Israel diamond center we work with close cooperation with diamond manufuctures. We provide installation, technical support and training services for our products. You can order a full diamond plant installation on-key.

Dialit has been manufacturing machines for the diamond industry since 1969, and is recognized worldwide for its high-quality computerized Diamatic systems, which are at the high-end of diamond technology.

Diamond Tools – Tradeworlds
The goal of Diamond Tools Portal is to create a “One Stop Business Solution” for business professionals, buyers and sellers, operating in this specific market sector.

Michael Schonfeld has been in the diamond business for more than 30 years. For the last 10 years, he and his son Elie have been providing the diamond area in Antwerp with state of the art technology and excellent service.

JewelryRep provides retail jewelers with a custom designed website that is e-commerce ready allowing selling of loose diamonds, finished jewelry, watches & collectibles in their stores & over the internet. JewelryRep enables jewelry manufacturer’s to post merchandise in one location & have it displayed on our network of retail jewelers.

JPIJ International Diamond & Jewelry Consulting Co., Ltd.
JPIJ provides services to entering the growing Chinese diamond and jewelry market. We aim to develop international business opportunities for our clients by exploiting our experience and using wide range of Chinese connections.

Since 1914, we have provided high security safes to tens of thousands of jewelers and home owners around the world. Our safes are recognized and certified by all insurance companies. We maintain a vast inventory of new, pre-owned and refurbished safes with innovative digital locks.

LMS Diamond Marking Systems are designed for laboratories, manufacturers and diamond dealers. Our systems can inscribe logos, store names, security marks, certification numbers and personalized messages on all diamond shapes and sizes, loose or mounted. PhotoScribe systems incorporate “Cold Laser” technology using 193 nm Excimer laser.

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